The EFM Vision

The purpose of EFM is to enable the baptised to relate their Christian faith to their lives and ministries in the contemporary world.
EFM holds before it a vision of the church empowered by an active and theologically articulate laity. This vision sees a partnership between the ordained and the laity as they work side by side in the mission of God.

The goal of EFM is to enable expression in word and deed of the baptismal commitment - to strive to live as a disciple of Christ, loving God and neighbour for all of life. A Prayer Book for Australia reminds us that all who have been baptised and confirmed are called to study the Bible, to take part in the life of the Church, to share in the Holy Communion, and to pray faithfully and regularly....and to...commit themselves, in the strength of the Holy Spirit, to share with others, by word and example, the love of Christ and his gospel of reconciliation and hope, to love their neighbours as themselves, to honour all people and to pray and work for peace and Justice