Home Groups meet for reflection on the bible, tradition and our daily life.


The Rev’d Dr Ralph Bowles (NCD Project Officer, PMC, Anglican Diocese of Brisbane) wrote an article earlier this year regarding Home Groups.


“Think of your small group as a little church, dedicated to strengthening FAITH, building FELLOWSHIP and equipping for SERVICE.  What would a small group program or meeting look like if it was truly balanced in these 3 dimensions?


NCD research has confirmed that one of the most important characteristics of healthy, growing churches is their strong, vital small groups.  Anglicans need to make the development and support of holistic small groups part of our core business.  Small groups need to be right up there in importance, alongside running church services!


The best thing you could do for your church is to create and sustain a good system of home groups.


These Small Groups should be “holistic” – involving the heads (study of God’s Word), the hearts (personal sharing and loving community) and the hands (active service) of the members.  “The best way to understand what holistic small groups are is to see them as a “church in microcosm” (C Schwarz)”


Approximately 20-30 parishioners are involved in three Home Groups, which are meeting either weekly or fortnightly. 


Home Groups are an ongoing (concern) and need not be focussed on particular church seasons, such as Advent or Lent.  Home Group activities can be varied.  There can be study of a book of the Bible, the Sunday’s readings or chosen study notes.  Or else discussion on some chosen Christian Literature. It is up to your group to choose what is the best direction for you to embark on.


All groups have found that as you become involved in a study, you are also becoming good friends and developing lifelong relationships with your study partners.             Joanne  Dunbar


        We are finding that through our home group deeper more meaningful friendships are being established.  A new and deeper Christian family is being founded between the members of our group which is then being brought into the larger Church family on Sunday when we all meet for services.  Why not join a group or start a new one and find the love for Jesus grow among you:  it is an experience that should not be missed.      Margaret Henzell